Benefits from Membership

Benefits from Membership in the Puget Sound Christmas Tree Association

* Exchange of ideas among Christmas tree growers and educators regarding marketing, pest control, weed control, cultural practices & methods, and other facets of tree farming. An opportunity to avoid costly mistakes of novice tree farmers.

* Three (3) meetings per year: annual business meeting, summer tree farm tour, and fall marketing meeting. Members are encouraged to also attend Wilbur-Ellis’ University in the spring for pesticide information and credits.

* Web Page:
— Web listing for member’ tree farms.
— Link from PSCTA web site to member farms’ home page.
— Avenue to provide meeting notices and information

— Tree farm exposure at the Puyallup Fair with “give-aways” promoting the¬†PSCTA web site

Here’s what some of the PSCTA members have to say about belonging to the Assocation:

“I belong to several regional and national organizations, but he PSCTA is one of my favorites. The educational opportunities are excellent and the members are just good, hard working folks who like to get together now and then to share ideas”
Dennis Tompkins, Consultant/Grower

“During membership in the PSCTA for over 20 years (during 35+ years of business), we have formed many long-term friendships. The camaraderie and support among members is one of the high points of belonging. We, too, support a variety of associations, and find the PSCTA to be one of the friendliest. The officers work hard to provide varied and informative meetings throughout the year.”
Carolyn Elliott, Trees ‘n Bees, Inc.

“A few of the benefits of our membership in the PSCTA have been the opportunities to learn from professionals about planting and culturing of trees, marketing strategies and the advantages of group advertising with our Association map and website.”
Bob and Jan Moore, Double Four Tree Farm