The Green Message

The “Green” Message

* Grown by Washington farmers, who are concerned about the environment and using sustainable methods to preserve the land for future generations, Pacific Northwest Christmas Trees provide old-fashioned holiday traditions combined with modern-day mindfulness.

* Choosing a REAL Christmas tree shows your concern for the environment and support for family farmers.

* Natural, farm-grown trees are a RENEWABLE crop grown sustainably by farmers throughout the Pacific Northwest; real Christmas trees are grown just like produce, nuts and other crops, so they do not threaten natural forests.

* Natural, farm-grown trees provide important JOBS right here in the U.S. and build strong economies, especially in rural communities, supporting the country’s heritage of farming.

* Natural, farm-grown trees are 100% BIODEGRADEABLE and RECYCLABLE, an environmentally conscious consumer decision.

* Natural, farm-grown trees bring nature and tradition into your home and help create long-lasting memories.